Canada values family relationships greatly. Thus, the Canadian government is always dedicated to reunifying family members of the permanent residents and Canadian citizens living outside Canada. 

IRCC thus provides the Super Visa for the parents and grandparents of the permanent residents and citizens of Canada to visit their children or grandchildren living in Canada. With a super Visa, parents and grandparents can stay in Canada for 2 years. Also, if the IRCC awards multiple entries then they can visit their loved ones in Canada multiple times within a period of 10 years. 

This is a ideal option for the permanent residents or citizens who would want their parents or grandparents by their side for a longer duration. It is also suitable for the applicants as well since they would not have to travel as frequently as they would normally have to with a simple visitor visa. 

Key Requirements to apply for Super Visa:

Generally, the requirements for a visitor visa as well as the super visa are the same. However, there are few key differences that the applicants must be aware of. Here are all the key specific requirements of the Super Visa:

  1. Firstly, it is important to provide adequate proof of the relationship between the grandparents and parents with the permanent resident and citizen. The applicant must be able to provide proper documents to validate the relationship with the authorities.
  2. Consequently, the permanent resident or the Canadian citizen must provide a duly signed letter pledging their sponsorship and financial support to their grandparents and parents during their stay. 
  3. The sponsor must also be able to provide proper proof of funds that meets the Low Income Cut-off for the said family size. 
  4. Also, the sponsor must provide adequate documents proving that they have purchased medical insurance for both their parents and grandparents. It must be noted that the medical insurance must cover both the grandparents and parents for at least a year since the date of entry to Canada.

Additional requirements to be aware of:

While the key requirements play the most crucial role, the additional requirements listed below can become determining at times as well.

●    Purpose of visit: The purpose of the visit is very important. If the parents or grandparents can prove a strong purpose of visit, it will be more convincing to the authorities and it will increase the chances of super visa approval greatly.

●    Invitation from a host: The chances of visa approval also increase incredibly if there is a convincing letter of support or invitation from the children or grandchildren.

●    Ties to the home country: The applicant must be able to show that they have strong ties to their home nation that they will have to return to once their visa expires. Otherwise, the authorities may not feel convinced which can also lead to the denial of visa.

●    Financial strength: While a letter of financial support is a must, a strong financial condition for the applicants also serves as icing on the cake. It convinces the visa granting authorities that the applicants are financially strong enough to return to their home nation whenever necessary and are not likely to stay with their families for the support they are getting.

Super Visas are really great ways for grandparents or parents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to reunite with their children or grandchildren. So, keep all the things mentioned above in mind and spend a long time with your loved ones in peace.