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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Geographically one of the versatile provinces, Manitoba is located in the heart of Canada. Rich in history and culture, the province is an amazing place to visit and even a better place to reside permanently. Foreign individuals can migrate to Manitoba, Canada on both a permanent and temporary basis through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

Foreign Skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors, and even international graduates are welcomed to Manitoba for receiving permanent residency status in Canada. Through the different categories offered under the MPNP, more than 14,000 people immigrated to Canada in 2020.

The province has enjoyed great success with immigration in the past. Since the program was created to improve the economic condition and the labor market, it has seen over 30% improvement since 1998.

Especially among foreigners, the Manitoba province is widely favored because of the friendly immigration programs. Applicants with friends or relatives in Manitoba helps in MPNP immigration.

With as much as 90% of retention rate, people who have migrated to Manitoba have preferred staying there permanently. Moreover, almost 90% of the nominees land a job in under a year in the province.

Streams under MPNP:-

Skilled Worker Immigration Stream

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Candidates who have a permanent offer of employment from a Manitoba-based employer can apply through this stream. The province aims at improving the labor market gaps through the skilled worker stream. It further has two subcategories:-

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Skilled Workers Overseas

Business Investor Stream

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International entrepreneurs and businessmen, including farm owners, can apply through this stream. Interest to invest or establish and manage a business or farm has to be demonstrated for eligibility. Applicants can choose between the two subcategories

  • Entrepreneur Pathway (MPNP) – This is pathway is primarily for entrepreneurs who are looking to establish or invest in a business in Manitoba. The minimum net worth of $500,000 and ability to invest at least $150,000 to be demonstrated.
  • Farm Investor Pathway – International individuals with relevant experience in owning or managing a farm can apply through this category. Proof of $350,000 of minimum net worth has to be shown.

International Education Stream

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International graduates willing to either work in the skilled sector or set up a business in the province of Manitoba can apply through this stream. Interested candidates can choose from the three different subcategories offered

  • Career Employment Pathway: For international graduates who have received a valid job offer in a skilled job along with a valid work permit from Manitoba based employer.
  • Graduate Internship Pathway: For international graduates who hold a master’s or Ph.D. degree should choose this stream. Candidates are required to be employed with either Mitacs Elevate or Accelerate internship.
  • International Student Entrepreneur Pilot: For international graduates who are looking to start up their own business in the province of Manitoba. Candidates are required to fulfill the terms highlighted in the Business Performance Agreement.

Morden Community Driven Immigration

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Applicants who are interested to immigrate to the Morden town of Manitoba can enter through the Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative. Foreign individuals with valid work experience of working as welders, carpenters, plumbers, and cooks need to be presented.

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