Super Visa

Parents & Grand Parents

Super Visa For Parents and Grandparents

What is Super Visa?

Canada takes family values very seriously. With the goal the rehabilitating families safely, Canadian Immigration always works hard to reunite the families of Canadian residents and citizens with their close ones residing in foreign countries.

The Super Visa has been designed to allow parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents and citizens to enter the border of Canada for an extended period of 2 years. The Super Visa also allows an extension of 1 year at any given time.

Why should you choose Super Visa?

The super Visa surely comes as a wonderful opportunity. It provides a multitude of benefits to the applicants such as:

  1. Super Visa has a faster processing time. So, you will not have to wait for a long time to get your visa application approved.
  2. The best thing about Super Visa is that applicants can stay for a long duration of 2 years at a stretch with their children or grandchildren staying in Canada.
  3. Extension on the super Visa is also possible for 1 year for once during any single visit.

Eligibility criteria for Super Visa

  • You must have sponsorship and invitation from your children or grandchildren.
  • The host must also meet a low-income cut-off as they will be responsible for sponsoring and supporting you in Canada. They can provide proof of their income through a recent copy of the T4 or similar documents. 
  • It is also required to have valid medical insurance to cover all your medical expenses during your stay in Canada. Also, the medical insurance must cover expenses up to $100,000.
  • The applicant must also undergo a proper medical examination before applying for the visa.

Once all the processes are done, the applicant can apply for Super Visa directly through IRCC without any trouble.

Eligibility criteria for Sponsor

  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Provide the applicant with a letter of invitation.
  • Demonstrate their income is above a predetermined minimum level (LICO).

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