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Thinking about settling and starting a business of your own in Canada? With relevant business experience or expertise in running a business, the interested candidate can not only migrate to Canada but also earn permanent residency status.

The Canadian Business and Investor immigration programs open up multiple immigration pathways. You can be an investor, an international businessman, or having a start-up. Through these immigration streams, the government opens new job opportunities and encourages investment across the country. As a foreign individual, one can invest or successfully establish a new business in Canada.

Investors, PNP Entrepreneur Streams, Self-Employed Individuals, Startup-Visa are several sub-categories in the Canada Business Immigration Program. Individuals can apply for Canadian PR status with either of these sub-categories.

Business immigrants

Individuals who are looking to invest in or establish a new business in Canada to improve the Canadian economy falls under the Business Immigrants.

Applicants do not need the Express Entry system as there are various PNPs and federal programs for the business class.

In order to qualify for the Business Class, candidates need to demonstrate proof of funds for the support of themselves and the accompanying family members in Canada.

The PNPs and federal programs have their own eligibility criteria of experience, language proficiency, and funds that applicants need to look for.

Start-up Visa

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Start-Up Visa is applicable for foreign entrepreneurs looking to establish a startup or an innovative entrepresise in Canada. A letter of support or commitment certificate must be issued by a designated Canadian organization. In addition to that, candidates need to prove proficiency in English and French (CBL5). A minimum funding commitment of $200,000 CAD is certainly required from a designated Venture Capital organization.

Entrepreneur Immigration Programs

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With the PNP Entrepreneur programs, entrepreneurs can not only establish a business but also earn PR status. Through this program, new employment opportunities are created that also contribute to the economy.

Individuals need to start an establishment, make a purchase or invest in a business. The maximum time period offered is 2 years from the date you have landed in Canada. Candidates are also required to hire one or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents and need to engage actively in the management of the business. Candidates also need to update immigrant officers with the progress regularly in these two-year time periods.

Self Employed Category

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Foreign nationals willing to work in Canada as self-employed professionals in farming, cultural, or athletic fields can apply for this program. Relevant experience of 2 years minimum within the period of the last 5 years is required. Applicants must quality the selection criteria and score a minimum of 35 points for further selection. The overall selection is conducted based on experience, education, age, language proficiency, and adaptability.

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