Canadian Experience Class

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What is Canadian Experience Class

One of the fastest and sought-after immigration programs, the Canadian Experience Class program allows candidates with recent Canadian work experience (1-year minimum) to migrate to Canada permanently. Individuals working as foreign workers in Canada can apply for Permanent Residency status through the CEC program.

Talented temporary workers who are already working in Canada get the chance to be permanent residents as the CEC is managed by Canada’s Express Entry Immigration system.

Advantages of Canadian Experience Class program

  • As candidates applying for PR through CEC has at least one year of skilled work experience, it gives a great advantage for CSR rankings and points.
  • The overall processing time is very less. It just takes about three to four months as very minimal documents have to be provided for the application.
  • No proof of settlement funds has to be shown for CEC programs.

Minimum eligibility for Canadian Experience Class:-

  • Skilled workers are required to have a minimum of 1 year of full-time (or equivalent part-time) experience in Canada, however, in the last three years. This is the most important eligibility criteria for the CEC.
  • Individuals are required to complete this working experience of one year on a valid work permit in occupations recognized as skill type 0, A, or B by the NOC. Candidates can even obtain working experience in more than one NOC code.
  • Language proficiency (speaking, reading, listening, and writing) in English or French is required as the applicant needs to obtain at least level 7 on the Canadian Language Benchmark for skill type 0 and A jobs. For skill type B jobs, a minimum CLB 5 is required.
  • Applicant must demonstrate an intention to live outside the province of Quebec in Canada as Quebec has its own set of immigration programs for Skilled Workers.
  • There are no minimum educational qualifications or requirements are needed for the CEC program.
  • No documentation has to be presented for proof of funds or finances.
  • In addition to these eligibility requirements, candidates are also required to fulfill the admissibility requirements.

How to apply for the Canadian Experience Class?

In order to apply for the CEC, candidates are primarily required to have the right to work in Canada. Obtaining a work permit is the first and most important step for the Canadian Experience Class program. Employer-specific closed work permits are required.

Spouse/common-law partner of an international student or foreign worker can obtain an open work permit for the same. 

After obtaining the work permit, it’s mandatory that candidates complete at least one whole year of working to be eligible for CEC.

30 hours/week of full-time working for one year or 1560 hours of part-time working.

Once the work experience is earned, candidates need to take the language proficiency test in either English or French. Additional points for a second language can be earned if applicants demonstrate proficiency in both English and French.

Candidates are required to create an Express Entry profile on the IRCC website followed by which you are required to improve the profile and CRS score.
Upon successful completion, candidates will get an invitation to apply for the Canadian Experience Class Permanent Residence.

You will get your PR card once you complete all medical and security checks successfully.

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