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Saskatchewan Nomination Program (SINP)

The Saskatchewan province lies in the center of Canada, in the Praire region. With only two major cities in the province, Saskatchewan’s economy depends on agriculture production. Regina and Saskatoon are the two important cities while the rest of the province consists of prosperous farmlands and natural resources.

It’s among the fastest expanding and thriving provinces of Canada. In 2020 alone, 13,364 people from around the world migrated to Saskatchewan. The province is looking to welcome as many as 15,000 migrants annually. For foreigners, it’s among the destinations that are currently in high demand.

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) opens up opportunities for immigrating and earning permanent residency to Canada through its immigration streams.

The federal government aims at bringing talents that will also help assist the province’s economy. Skilled workers, workers in labor shortage sectors, entrepreneurs, and workers with job offers can migrate through the SINP.

Foreign workers, international students, investors, and entrepreneurs can migrate through the different immigration streams offered under the SINP.


Immigration Categories under SINP

International Skilled Worker Category

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Foreign individuals with a valid job offer or relevant working experience can apply for this category. In order to qualify, candidates must possess key skills in a job that is in demand in the respective province.

 There are three sub-categories for people willing to join the labor force of Saskatchewan.

  • International Skilled WorkerEmployment Offer: A job offer from a valid Saskatchewan employer is required. In addition to that, candidates need to prove at least CLB 4 level of language proficiency in English or French. Also, work experience of minimum a year in the last 10 years period to be submitted.
  • International Skilled Occupations- In demand: Eligible skilled workers with relevant experience in an in-demand job, however, without a job offer can apply. Language proficiency of CLB 4, proof of status or license, and proof of funding for settlement are additional requirements.
  • Saskatchewan Express Entry- Candidates already in the Express Entry pool with relevant work experience can apply through this sub-category.

Saskatchewan Experience Category

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Foreign temporary workers who are currently working in the Saskatchewan province and hold a valid job offer qualify for this immigration stream. The experience category also has 5 subcategories under it

  • Existing Work Permit
  • Health Professionals
  • Hospital Sector Project
  • Long Haul Truck Driver Project
  • Students

Entrepreneur and Farm Category

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Candidates looking to set up a business in the Saskatchewan Province can apply through this immigration stream. It’s open for international businessmen, investors, international graduates and farm owners/operators. This category is for interested applicants with experience in owning and running a business.

 There are three subcategories to choose from:

  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Category: For international graduates who can successfully demonstrate proof of required funds to start up a business in Saskatchewan.
  • Entrepreneur Category: Foreign individuals with relevant working experience and valid business plans to start a business.
  • Farm Owner Category: For candidates with experience of owning and operating a farm and with sufficient resources to own one in Saskatchewan

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