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Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario is amongst the high-in-demand provinces for immigration for citizens around the world. Home to the capital city of Ottawa and also Toronto, Ontario has a commendable social, political, and financial life. As much as 40% of Canada’s population resides in Ontario, making it among the top choices for immigration.

With the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, IRCC and Ontario province is working jointly to improve the economic immigration of the province. The program is open for international graduates, skilled foreign workers, and experienced candidates who can earn PR status in Canada.

 Selection to the OINP is carried out after assessing the current needs in the economic and labor market of Ontario. The final selection decision rests solely on the Government of Canada through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

To qualify for nomination, candidates can apply through:

  • Employer job offer category: Valid for applicants holding a valid job offer from a designated employer in Ontario.
  • Human capital category: Interested candidates with valuable and relevant work experience, language proficiency, and education. Applicants are required to submit profiles to the Express Entry System.
  • Business category: If you are an international entrepreneur looking to either establish or buy a business in Ontario, then this category is perfect.

Each of these categories has additional basic eligibility requirements for all. Candidates are required to

  • Have a graduation degree or diploma.
  • Proof of language proficiency.
  • Relevant work experience.
  • Proof of funds.

Employer Job Offer Category

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Under this category, the nomination program functions with an Expression of Interest system. After successful creation and submission of the profile, applicants can choose from: 

Foreign Worker Stream: International workers applying for skilled positions in the labor market of Ontario.

International Student Stream: Candidates who have recently graduated from a university in Ontario.

In-Demand Skills Stream: Valid for intermediate skilled workers who have experience and interest in working in an in-demand occupation like agriculture, truck driver, personal support workers, and construction. 

Human Capital Category

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Through the Human Capital category, applicants can submit their nomination via two subcategories:

 International Graduates: International graduates from an eligible Ontario University looking to qualify for Masters Graduate or Ph.D. graduate streams can apply through this program. There is an expression of interest system in operation where candidates need to create and submit a profile on the online portal. Expression of interest for the graduation program has to be demonstrated.

Ontario’s Express Entry: The Ontario express entry system works through the Express Entry system of the federal government. An expression or notification of interest along with relevant working experience, language proficiency results and an updated profile is required to be submitted. There are three subcategories under it

  • French-speaking skilled worker stream
  • Human Capital Priorities stream
  • Skilled Trades stream

Business Category

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Unlike the other nomination categories, there are no sub-categories under the Business Category of nomination. There is only the Entrepreneur category that is currently open and it is aimed at welcoming investors and entrepreneurs from around the globe. Candidates who are interested in making investments or buying a new business existing in Ontario can apply for permanent residency through this category.

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