International Experience Class


The International Experience Class (IEC) Canada is a program curated by the Government of Canada aimed at welcoming travellers from over 30 different countries to come and work in Canada. With the IEC, the government is looking at giving youths between 18-35 years old an opportunity to work and stay in Canada for a temporary period of time.

Applicants can work using an open work permit and can work for any employer of their choice. The IEC allows applicants to work for up to 2 years in Canada.

Under the International Experience Class, there are three main categories namely

  1. Working Holiday
  2. Young professionals
  3. International Co-Op.

IEC through Recognized Organizations: For candidates who do not come from IEC eligible countries can even apply for International Experience Class through Recognized Organizations. There are 9 Recognized Organizations for different countries through which candidates can apply for the IEC.

International Experience Class

Are Indian Citizens Eligible for IEC?

Although most immigration programs in Canada are valid for Indians, in the case of IEC, India is not on the list of eligible countries. Indian nationals however can apply via Recognized Organizations like AIESEC Canada and the University of British Columbia.

Does IEC Allow Immediate Family Members or Dependent Members?

IEC is among the very few programs that do not allow bringing a family member or dependent member.

How long does IEC Process Take?

After the payment and fees have been processed, the IEC pool can take between 6-8 weeks to complete.

Can Applicants Apply for PR While on IEC?

Every individual on the Express Entry pool is eligible for Permanent Residency status. Candidates who hold at least 12 months of work experience through the IEC work permit can get more points which will help in obtaining the PR status.

Can the IEC Visa be extended?

There are specific scenarios when applicants can either apply for an extension or modification to the IEC Visa.

Is Job offer mandatory for IEC?

In the current rules by the Government of Canada, there is no need for a valid job offer in order to apply for an IEC work permit.

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