Intra Company Transfers


Part of the Canadian Business Immigration, the Intra Company Transfer is designed to bring high-skilled foreign individuals as temporary workers to work in Canada. The program aims at relocating individuals who work in a multinational organization or company with a branch or extension in Canada.

About Intra Company Transfers

People with relevant experience and expertise in a business can avail the Intra Company Transfer. This program is valid for individuals relocating or coming from any country around the world. Moreover, applicants for Intra Company Transfer can even avail of an LMIA exempt work permit.

Eligibility requirement for Intra Company Transfer:-

These eligibility requirements are valid for employees trying to avail of the transfer:-

  • Already working in a company that has a branch or part located in Canada.
  • Have relevant working experience of working at a higher level like a senior manager or executive with exclusive knowledge.
  • Must have at least 1 year of valid work experience within the last 3 years.

Valid categories for the Intra Company Transfer:-

Employers can only transfer employees who work in either of the three categories:-

Executive Level: Employees who are responsible for a crucial role in the organization and has worked under supervision from senior-level management.

Senior Management Level: Employees working in the managerial posts who has the primary responsibility of either managing the company or other employees.

Specialized Knowledge Workers: Valid for workers having expertise knowledge in one or more products or services of the business. Employees are required to illustrate the specialized knowledge to responsible officers.

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