Spousal Sponsorship

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Spousal Sponsorship

Canada is a developed country to settle for pursuing your career goals. Besides, the immigrants can have a healthy family life in this economically-developed nation. The immigration programs offered by the IRCC encourage candidates to unite with their Spouses or Conjugal partners. The Spousal sponsorships are offered under the category of Family Class Immigration. 

Through this sponsorship program, the government opens up opportunities for applicants to sponsor their spouses to relocate and settle in Canada. The sponsor, however, has to take responsibility and provide financial support to the spouse.

In Order to receive a visa through this immigration program both parties sponsor and sponsored must be able to prove their relationship and should be under one of the following three categories:-


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Sponsor and person being sponsored should be legally married and have legal documents to support their claim.

Common Law Partner

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Valid for couples who have been living together for at least 12 months but are not legally married. The couples must spend 12 months consecutively with each other and have only been away on short-term.

Conjugal Partner

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When two people have a close bonding with each other and they are in a relationship but neither they got married nor was living together can be categorized under Conjugal Partnership. It has to be demonstrated that they could not get married because of reasons related to legal status and immigration.

If both the parties reside in Canada, the Conjugal partnership is invalid.

Both opposite-sex and same-sex relationships are accepted.

Requirement of Spouse or Common Low partnership

This sponsorship program allows a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor his or her spouse/common-law partner for permanent resident status, regardless of where the spouse is currently residing.

Requirement for Sponsor

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To sponsor a spouse or common-law partner, applicants are required to pass these eligibility requirements

  • He or She must be at least 18 years old.
  • The applicant has to be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or a registered Indian (Canadian Indian Act).
  • Already living in Canada or have intentions of living in Canada with the spouse.
  • Offer financial support to the spouse for at least three years.
  • Must not  have spouse sponsored the previous spouse in the last 5 years
  • And should have clean record of offense and should not have filed for Bankruptcy.

Requirement for Sponsored person

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  • Must be of legal age to get married.
  • No Criminal record
  • Should be medically fit.

Outland Spousal Sponsorship

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Through the Overseas Spousal Sponsorship or the Outland Spousal Sponsorship, candidates can sponsor their spouse who resides outside Canada.

Financial support has to be provided to the sponsored spouse or common-law partner for at least next three  years. Candidates who are sponsoring cannot be an applicant for Overseas Spousal Sponsorship for the upcoming 5 years.

Inland Spousal Sponsorship

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Candidates are allowed to avail of the Inland Spousal Sponsorship for their spouse as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Candidates settling on Spousal sponsorship are allowed for Open Work permits as well.
It is important that the applicant and the spouse are living in Canada during the application. In addition to that, the sponsors are responsible for providing financial support to their spouses. All the admissibility requirements for earning a Permanent Residency has to be cleared by the spouse to be eligible.

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