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The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is aimed at bringing foreign workers on a temporary basis from around the world. Through this program, employers in Canada hire temporary workers for jobs or roles that Canadians cannot be appointed for. Only skilled workers meeting specific criteria will be appointed for this Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Candidates who are willing to get a work permit through the TFWP need to submit a valid job offer from a designated employer in Canada who is willing to hire him/her. In addition to that, applicants also need to meet the admissibility requirements.

Employers on the other hand need to submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment report when they wish to employ a foreign worker through the TFWP. This assessment ensures that the position in the offer couldn’t be taken up by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Streams offered under the TFWP:-  

An employer in Canada can hire a temporary foreign worker through the following streams:

High Wage Worker: Valid for employers who are looking to bring a highly-skilled foreign worker for relevant jobs. Employers are also required to pay the same or more than the median hourly wage that’s in practice in that particular territory. IRCC upon receiving the positive LMIA will authorize a work permit for the foreign worker.

Low Wage Worker: Respective Canadian employers who are in search of the eligible candidates and want to hire temporary foreign workers can apply through this. If the employer is willing to pay remuneration lesser than the median hourly wage, they need to clearly state that. It’s important for the employer to meet the various safety requirements and workplace rights before stated by the LMIA to qualify.

 Global Talent Stream: Businesses can hire high skilled foreign temporary workers through the GTS if they want to complete the process faster.

Foreign Agricultural Worker: Specific for employers who want highly-skilled foreign temporary workers in jobs related to the Agricultural field. There are certain conditions the employer has to meet before offering the job.

 In-Home Caregivers: This stream can only be availed by Canadian families who are looking to hire temporary foreign workers in jobs related to the caregiver. These are two specific subcategories listed under this stream

      1. Home Child Care Provider Pilot

      2. Home Support Worker Pilot

Foreign Academics: Some institutions in Canada hire foreign workers at different levels of education to enhance the overall quality of education. In such cases, the Foreign Academics stream can be availed. In case the foreign temporary worker fails to qualify for LMIA exemption, an application for LMIA can be submitted by the institution through TFWP.

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