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International students who feel the need to change their school, college, university or study program after coming to Canada can seamlessly make their transfer to any Canadian educational organisation without any restrictions. With a valid study permit, every international student can change college or study program and get enrolled on any Canadian institution of their choice.

If the student doesn’t find the previous choice of university or program to be satisfactory, they can choose to change even after they have obtained the visa or study permit.

According to the CIC, students are allowed to change but there are certain conditions and criteria to be kept in mind. First and foremost, only International students studying in a Designated Learning Institution and actively participating in classes can apply for a college change.


Things to consider before changing your  college:-

 International students should keep these things in mind while applying for the College Change:-

Change the Designated Learning Institute Number: It is mandatory for students to change the DLI number directly in the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) account. Candidates are also required to send information to High Commission about the change.

Avoid Unofficial Breaks: Students who are looking to change their colleges in Canada should ideally stay away from long breaks during the changing process. Long and unofficial breaks can directly affect the international student status.

Notify the Current College: Candidates are required to remove their enrolment from the current college or school officially. Approval from the current institution is mandatory for the change of college process to be completed. If a student fails to officially remove their name from the current college, then they can be considered as an unregistered student, which will, in turn, affect the study permit.

Changing College In Canada

How to change college in Canada?

Students who are looking to change their college or school must follow these steps:-


  • Enter the online account and select the “Designated Learning Institution Student Transfer”.
  • Select the “Transfer from DLI number” and enter the application number mentioned in the study permit.
  • Required information about the new college or study program has to be submitted like new DLI number, student id number, and date.
  • Hit the “Submit Transfer” and select “Confirm Transfer”
  • Students will receive a confirmation notification which ensures that they have notified the federal government about the college change plan.
Things to Know for High School and Post-Secondary Student
  • High School Student: If the candidate is a high school student and looking to change to a post-secondary school, the conditions of the study permit have to be changed. This will also allow the student to work while studying.
  • Post-Secondary Student: For Post-Secondary students, there is no need to change the study permit. Students however are required to inform the federal government about the change.

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