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What is Student Direct Stream (SDS)?

The education system of Canada has been highly-acclaimed. Canada is the home to the best educational institutes and Ivy League universities and colleges. While the quality of education in Canada is top-notch, the entry requirements are quite difficult. The University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Alberta are among the top places to study in Canada. Besides, the culturally diverse society makes it a safe nation for students coming from different parts of the world. Getting a study permit or visa, however, can be a really challenging task. It does not only take a lot of time but also numerous processes are involved.

International students who are looking forward to studying at a post-secondary designated learning institution (DLI) of Canada can apply through the expedited study permit called the Student Direct Stream. The SDS program is managed and run by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

 While a study permit or visa can take 2 months or more to complete, students applying through SDS can get the visa in less than 6 weeks. The process is less time-consuming, the application process is quite seamless and hassle-free. It may seem tedious but with proper help, the entire process can be completed in no time.

Student Direct Stream

Requirement for the Student Direct Stream

In order to be eligible for the Student Direct Stream program, international students have to meet the certain requirement or eligibility criteria:-

  • A letter of acceptance or admission from a Designated Learning Institute has to be submitted.
  • Students are required to submit proof of pre-payment of the first year’s tuition fees.
  • Candidates are needed to acquire a Guaranteed Investment Certificate of CAD $10,000 from a bank listed under the IRCC SDS.
  • Proficiency in English or French language to CLB level 7 in reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Please note that the test results must not be more than two years old from the SDS application date.
  • Students are required to submit educational qualification documents like secondary or post-secondary mark sheets along with application forms for verification.
  • Proof of medical examination is also required from the applicant.
Essential documents required for SDS
  • These are some of the important essential documents that candidates need to attach to the SDS application.
    • Study permit application form.
    • Temporary Resident Visa application form.
    • Representative form (if hiring a representative).
    • Identity proof.
    • Letter of acceptance or letter of approval from the DLI.
    • Documentation that clearly demonstrates the candidate has the intention of leaving Canada after completion of studies.
Additional Benefits of SDS

Immediate family members of the candidate like a spouse, common-law partner, or dependent children can simultaneously apply for Temporary resident applications. They can apply for a work permit, study permit, and temporary resident visa. Through the SDS, family members of the applicant can even get the process completed faster and with the least hassles.

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