How an experienced work permit consultant in BC can help you?


Only after receiving a job offer or temporary contract from a Canadian employer, you can apply for a work visa/permit. A ‘Labor Market Impact Assessment’ must be obtained from ‘Employment and Social Development Canada’ to allow the company to hire foreign skilled employees for jobs. However, there are some rules and regulations, and exceptional terms. A professional work permit consultant in British Columbia can help you clear out your doubts.

Canada, being one of the world’s most developed economies, is a popular choice for job seekers looking to relocate abroad. With a Canadian work permit visa, anyone can work in Canada. At Immiquest Immigration, they can help you with your Canadian work permit visa application. They can help you find the appropriate job in Canada.

Basic eligibility criteria and requirements

In order to accept the employment offer, applicants must provide confirmation that they are eligible. An individual is required to meet specific criteria before applying for a work permit. Documents must be presented in one of two languages: French or English. Documents can also be translated.

  • You must provide a letter that you intend to leave Canada after the expiry of the permit
  • Have proof that you and your family will be able to survive financially in Canada
  • Provide proof that you have no criminal record by submitting a police certificate
  • Not a threat to the security of Canada
  • Have no plans to work for a company that has been declared ineligible
  • Employers who offer erotic services should be avoided at all costs
  • Any documentation requested by police must be readily available

One single mistake could end up in your application in a trashcan no matter how many suns you have waited for, okay? It is always a better choice to hire a work permit consultant in British Columbia to assist you in each step.

Two types of work permits

The Canadian government issues two types of work licenses – open and employer-specific work permit. If you have an open work permit, you can work for anyone, except for those who offer erotic services. The employer does not need a Labor Market Impact Assessment, as this visa is not job-specific.

An “employer-specific” work permit allows you to work for a single company. The applicants will need Labor Market Impact Assessment or an offer letter from a Canadian employer. Get in touch with a work permit consultant in BC to know your options. There are some changes in rules after the pandemic.


Why should you hire a pro work permit consultant in BC?

People of all socioeconomic backgrounds are now considering studying or working abroad as an option for their future. The first step in obtaining a visa to Canada is to familiarize you with the country’s legal requirements. A visa application requires extensive knowledge of rules and regulations and paperwork.

It is why hiring a work permit consultant in British Columbia is important. An immigration agent makes the entire visa application procedure much simpler and faster. They make the process easier for the candidate and save them a lot of time and effort.

It is best to work with a consulting firm

Many people wonder if they should hire an independent immigration agent or a professional consulting firm. It is a good idea to go with a reputable company, such as Immiquest Immigration when looking for trustworthy and up-to-date advice. A consultation firm in BC is normally registered with the immigration authorities, has extensive knowledge, and a number of professionally trained, highly skilled immigration consultants work under it.

Get yourself some knowledge

The only way to know the seriousness of a work permit consultant in British Columbia is to investigate his or her veracity. You should do your homework before settling on a consulting firm. Visit the consultancy’s website to have a better understanding of the services it offers by exploring the information there. Also on the website are client testimonials and evaluations of the consulting firm’s work and performance.

Make sure you have the proper paperwork

After all, whom should you trust? The IRCC must be notified of the existence of an immigration consultant in BC. You could get the wrong assistance if the agency you are working with is not registered. It is always better to hire a registered and licensed work permit consultant in British Columbia with a proven record of accomplishment. It is important to note that the rules for immigration differ from province to province, and program to program.