The purpose of this article is to outline what immigration consultants work on, their responsibilities, and the value they provide so that you get clarity to assess if you need immigration consultants.


What do immigration consultants in Surrey do?


Immigration consultants’ responsibilities include but are not limited to determining the likelihood of a client’s visa application getting accepted. If necessary, prepare clients for VISA interviews, assist customers in preparing immigration petitions and paperwork, or edit them to ensure accuracy and error-free submissions.


They work tirelessly to provide assistance to clients in all aspects of Canadian immigration, including family sponsorship, expedited entry, refugee claims, permanent residency, and studying/working in Canada.


Immigration consultants are an incredibly valuable entity:


The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulating Council (ICCRC) is a national regulatory body that oversees licensed immigration and citizenship consulting and international student advising professionals in order to serve and protect the public. The ICCRC was established by the Canadian government to manage immigration, citizenship, and foreign student advising services in Canada.


Hence, it is apparent that working with professional immigration consultants would prove to be highly beneficial and secure.



Immigration Consultants in Surrey ensures that your immigration status is not hampered at any cost:


An experienced immigration consultancy can walk you through the steps of filing for work permits, marriage licenses, and citizenship, ensuring that you do not make any mistakes that damage your chances of having these essential documents granted by the proper authorities. Working with immigration consultants will provide a smooth, hassle-free experience.


As an immigrant, one of your primary concerns is ensuring that your immigration status is not affected and that you receive the Visa you require. Also, double-check that everything is in place if you’re requesting visas for family members.


Immigration advisors guarantee that the correct Visa is chosen:


Each Immigration Consultant specializes in a different visa category, and you may be eligible for many programs at once. As a valid consequence, selecting the best one for your requirements may be challenging. Government-licensed specialists will assist you in selecting the most appropriate Visa for your needs.



Furthermore, immigration consultants in Surrey are valuable since they can help you understand which immigration programs are best for you based on your profile and demand in the country. As a result, they’ll also help you grasp your precise score, which can be a difficult and time-consuming process with other free online evaluation forms.



Is the fee they charge nominal compared to the loss caused due to your mistakes?


The answer to this question is an absolute yes. The average compensation for an Immigration Consultant in Canada is C$46,767 per year, according to PayScale Canada. An immigration consultant’s typical annual pay ranges from $30,732 to $66,965.


The immigration consultants may help you navigate the complexities and act as a safety net, protecting you from concerns and hurdles that you may not be aware of or foresee.


When it comes to one of your most important decisions, you must trust expert immigration consultants in Surrey. The value they may bring is invaluable.